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If you climax easily from penis penetration, congratulations!
(You are one of the lucky few)
If not, read on…
Women who don't have an easy time climaxing with normal penetration probably wonder why?  Their significant other may wonder too.  “What's wrong with us?” 
Around 70% of women never reach orgasm from intercourse alone.  And 10% never climax at all.
The problem may be as simple as anatomy – your clitoris is too far from your vagina for penis stimulation!  Did you know that 70% of all women have problems achieving an orgasm through intercourse?  What a bummer for womankind! 

The LA Times printed an article about this major detail in lost love – no matter how embroiled in passion you are, it isn't physically going to happen! 
The “Rule of Thumb” uses a measurement of a thumb width (presumably your significant other's) as being around 1” or 2.5 cm.   If the distance between your clitoris and vagina is less than this, then penetration should provide a great climax.  If it is MORE than 1", then your clit is too far from the penis for any spine-tingling friction. 

Well, that explains a LOT for those of us who have been puzzling over impossible intercourse orgasms.  Yeah, go ahead and have someone measure you … I did too! 

So, what does one to do about this?  Well, in the last few years, some smart person came up with a new idea.  Just in time for those with a large Rule of Thumb!” 
 Super Charge Your Sex Life With VIBRATING RINGS!
(Also known as Couples Rings, Penis Rings, Cock Rings, and “Clit” Rings)
Remember that the Rule of Thumb says that if the clit is over an inch away from the vagina, normal intercourse probably will not result in climax for a woman since the penis is not causing enough friction. 

The simple solution is to use a vibrating cock ring which basically fills the distance between the clitoris and vagina.  Plain old rings have been around forever – basically a round ring (made of metal, leather, or flexible material) that fits tightly around the base of an erect penis.  It keeps  blood from flowing out and maintains hardness and longevity.  However, the danger with some of the restricting cock rings is that they might cut off all circulation after 30 minutes or so and need to be removed if numbness or DAMAGE occurs. 

Somewhere along the line, a clever person decided to make a soft, stretchy ring and attach a vibrating section which will stimulate a clitoris.  What a great idea! 

Vibrating rings are a fairly “new” invention, coming onto the market a few years ago and are constantly being improved with new designs and sizes.  The material is usually fairly stretchy and comfortable for the man with the purpose of holding the vibrator in position and perhaps helping maintain an erection – a bonus! 

Rings come with one or two “bullet” shaped vibrators in all shapes and sizes (and colors might I add).  Be forewarned before you run out and buy a bunch that some are definitely better than others!  And some might work better depending on your own Rule of Thumb, than others. 

Drugstores often carry them but most of these rings are pretty flimsy, easily break, or give off weak vibes that don't do much since they are powered by tiny watch batteries.  They don't last very long either.  Maybe not even through one session of bedroom aerobics (as I call it).  That said, the drugstore variety ARE fun to try as a starter ring just to see what it is all about.  If you like what it does for you two, then it's time to move on to more powerful and exciting rings… 


Let's have a quick lesson in vibrating rings which have a “Bullet” inserted in them.  There are two kinds – Wireless and those wired to a controller with changeable speeds. 

Wireless bullets are powered by tiny watch batteries which might last for 15 to 20 minutes, usually enough time for one session of fun.    Some rings come with extra batteries (not so easy to change out since they are so small); most don't since they are a one time use product. 

And most definitely, wireless bullets with watch batteries won't pack the punch of the controller wired bullets… 
Fancier Ring vibrators come with a bullet wired to a multi-speed controller powered by AA or AAA batteries.  These are far stronger and longer lasting than the wireless watch-battery type.  If you use Lithium Batteries, they'll pack a lot of power for a long time. 

You can also buy a Bullet & Controller without a ring attached or included.  These are great for using in the wireless bullet rings – just remove the wireless one and slide in the controller powered one!  However, be aware that bullets come in all sizes – micro, mini, regular, super-slim, and even EGG size.  Most of the Penis Rings hold mini size (1” to 1 1/2” wide) or super-slim shape (2”) 
If you are new to “Penis Rings”, then first you need to find out which size and variety works best for you.  A small one might do fine, or you might need a larger bumper.  The wireless bullet might be more than enough to do the job, or you might need to use a powerful Bullet & Controller in the ring. 
Look at it this way… it is a fun experiment!  And you might find several different ones that work meaning you'll have more tools in your toy box for fun and games. 

We've tried at least 30 different kinds of vibrating rings and most didn't get very high scores for some reason or another.  Some have thick rings which take up penis length and can be too tight; others are thin flimsy rings that don't stay in place.  Vibrator bumpers can be too small, or too hard with sharp edges, or an uncomfortable shape (beware the elephant trunks or dolphin noses!) 
The best are sturdy enough to actually be a workable "ring" for the man by helping keep him erect, yet soft and flexible enough to be easy to put on and remove.  The bullet shape should hit the clit in all the right places.  Vibration should be powerful enough and long lasting. 
One last thing… you youngsters (under 40) who still have lots of hormones will probably find Clit Rings an interesting addition to your sex life.  Those of you over 40, especially those who are past menopause may find them the addition that you've been waiting for.  Old clits may still have 8000 nerve endings, but believe me, it's like the rest of you, running out of steam.  Rings may put some sizzle right back into your love life. 

The Penis Rings suggested below are some of the best made, most durable, and fairly inexpensive (depending on doing a web search to see who might have them at good prices at the time).  Some of these last for more than one session giving you a lot of bang for your buck (no pun intended!) 
InnerVibe is an excellent example of a ring design that will probably work for those with a short Rule of Thumb distance.  The ring is sturdy, not too thick and not too thin; the oval bumper shape is soft and comfortable.  Single vibrators and double vibrators are available – try both to see which one you like the best.  For a more powerful punch, replace the wireless with a bullet wired to a controller powered by AA or AAA batteries such made by Doc Johnson or California Exotics. 

The Ring of Xtasy Butterfly is a good example of rings with a larger “clit bumper” and should work well for those with a bit more Rule of Thumb Distance. This brand makes an turtle shaped one and a bear too.  Again, if paired with a powerful wired bullet, it will be far more effective for those who need extra power and zing. 
The Fluttering Dove is a brilliant design!  It should work for almost everyone, especially those with a large Rule of Thumb Distance.  Plus, it is very versatile with two slots for bullets, allowing for vibrator placement where it might be most needed.  The Dove comes with one wireless battery, but really needs two.  A double bullet vibrator wired to a controller gives all the punch anyone might need (see below). 

Note: most controller multi-speed wired bullets are huge, all the way up to egg size – the trick is to find a mini bullet that will fit the dove and other cock rings. 
If you plan to reuse your vibrating cock ring, be sure to clean it with soap and water or toy cleaner – you may have to remove the bullet if it is not waterproof.  Dry and tuck it away for your next fun session of “bedroom aerobics”. 
Have fun finding out which one is best for you! 
If you STILL have trouble climaxing with all these rings and things (during normal intercourse), then put on some nice thick, fuzzy socks.  Warm feet may keep blood circulating UP in your sexual section instead of DOWN to keep your feet toasty.  Leg warmers are another fun addition – find some cute sexy ones to go with your socks!
All of the bullets and rings in this article are available on – a "safe sex" website with no nasty pop-ups! also has some available. often has specials on its rings and the check-out is via which makes it easy to order. 
The easiest way to find most of them is to go to the  Hustler Amazon Link  and put the name of the product in the search box.  Yes, this is the same Larry Flynt's Hustler as the magazine and it is a very reliable source of toys, plus they usually have some of the lowest prices of the suppliers. Shipping is usually free too!  You can also go to their website at HUSTLER HOLLYWOOD.   I've also included links to each below. 
 Great beginner ring - travels well too!  Their website uses for check out.
 Sturdy, long lasting and lots of fun. For more power, switch in a controller powered vibrator.
 One of the best!  Add a Micro Charmer and extra bullet (see below) for a double punch.
If wireless bullets don't have enough buzz for you, then it is time to move up to a controller wired one.  One of the best is Micro Charmer by Doc Johnson which is well made and has three settings - low, medium, and high with an easy to use slide controller.  The control box features twin output jacks so it can be used with one or two bullets.  A 1" mini bullet comes with it, but another like the Mini Silver Bullet (around 1 1/2" and the same diameter) can be added for a double punch. The bullets are not directly wired to the power unit, which is nice in case one bullet dies, it can be easily replaced with a new one. 
Both bullets fit in most penis rings and can replace weak watch battery bullets. 
 Highly recommended!  It comes with a 1" long mini bullet.  The twin jacks allow adding a 2nd bullet such as the Sterling Mini.
by Sterling.  This one is 1-1/2" long and fits in most penis rings.  Great for plugging into the MICRO CHARMER.
Vibrating Twin Mini Bullets 
by Nasswalk.  Bullets are wired directly into the controller and are the right size for penis rings needing double bullets.
Read a really fun Toy Story ~ "Prince and the Gun Oil" 
LUBRICANTS better known as "Lubs".   ForPlay Snake Oil available at is a hands down favorite!  Also available at 

We've tried almost every kind of lub available - water based, silicone, and various oils.  Most were either sticky, didn't last very long, or irritated - no doubt from all the nasty chemicals in most of the products. Snake Oil is made from natural ingredients - has no odor, cleans up easily, lasts a long time, tastes O.K. and most importantly, moisturizes while providing lots of glide that doesn't dry out.   It also carries an extremely safe rating by the Environmental working Group's Cosmetic Safety database. 

Condom compatible - if you don't believe it, drop a condom in a small glass and pour in some Snake Oil.  Check in in a few hours, or the next day... condom should be intact.

RULE OF THUMB:  The term is thought to originate with wood workers who used the width of their thumbs (i.e. inches) rather than rulers for measuring things, cementing its modern use as an imprecise, yet reliable and convenient standard.
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